Total Cost of Ownership: Thoughtful Purchases

It's important to not take everything at face value when making financial decisions. There are usually hidden costs associated with large purchases that consumers don't think about. These costs include things like interest charges, maintenance costs, or insurance payments. They can quickly add up over time, costing you much more than originally thought. Let's look at an example. When purchasing a new car, in addition to the monthly loan payment,…

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Does Eating Healthy Mean I Have to Double My Budget? It is a very common belief that eating healthy is more expensive. While this can be true, especially when eating out, it does not have to be true when cooking at home. I believe eating healthy at home can be convenient, easy, and budget-friendly. Here are some tips for how to make this a reality: Plan Ahead - Plan out…

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Retirement Saving for Beginners

You should try to fit retirement saving into your financial plan as early as possible. Start early so that your money has time to grow. Even just starting a few years earlier can equal hundreds of thousands of dollars more in your retirement portfolio. Let's see an example. We'll assume a 7% average investment return and  a retirement age of 65. Jim and Lisa decide to start saving for retirement…

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